We are actively looking to increase our portfolio of properties through out the RH Postcode areas as we have business professionals tenants waiting.

What Clients Say

Property Solutions take a fresh and intelligent view on all things property and are very likely to do the best job you can find, looking after your property well and maximising its potential at the same time. They don't round up all those extra bills like I had before with a letting agent. The rent is always paid on time and I practically never get bothered only ever to keep me updated on how things are going.

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Tim Phillips

Very enthusiastic and professional. I was worried at first as it all sounded to good to be true, but no longer. The house is always well kept and after doing an inspection myself, the tenants seemed very happy and mindful and respectful of the property. I can relax knowing that everything is being taken care of and my rent is paid promptly every month....whats not to like.

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Darren Streeter

I have recently started using RH Property Solutions and now have my rent paid on time every month with no hassles and no bother with the tenants. They keep in touch regularly to update me on how things are progressing. I am currently growing my property portfolio and RH Property Solutions will be the first to know when I get my next deal. Highly recommended to all Landlord's looking for a real hands off experience.

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Phillip Mallourides

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